Expanding local choices with dedicated field sourcing

You need effective competition to lower your costs, but your facilities and sourcing teams have never been able to find viable local alternatives when trying to tackle on a part-time basis.  You know there is a better approach to labor sourcing, but haven’t had the time or the resources to find the right approach for your company’s needs.

Quality vendors at the lowest cost

First Service Networks’ strategic Fusion approach has the solution to sourcing reliable, high-quality and reasonably priced local vendors. With a full-time group of nationwide, field-based professionals and dedicated service centers, we have the ability to evaluate local vendors using proven metrics. This allows you to:

  • Cut through contractor pricing complexity
  • Compare vendor alternatives clearly
  • Find the lowest cost, qualified vendors to service your sites
  • Ensure vendor completes each task to a satisfactory level

Get high-quality, low-cost vendors with First Service Networks' strategic Fusion approach.