Intelligent sourcing expansion

A lack of competition breeds price inflation. You don’t have the time or resources to actively source new vendor alternatives. Being forced to use the same vendor base year after year, limits the amount of money you can save.

First Service Networks’ Fusion™ approach helps you retain price control using baseline data and control mechanisms for all components of cost from the preliminary stage of implementation. We address your field service needs by expanding your pool of available local vendors and achieve additional savings by:

  • Negotiated rates and costs
  • Competitive sourcing
  • Hybrid labor model
  • Customized service profile

Connect with First Service Networks today to get started saving at least 10% on maintenance and repair costs. We are ready to develop a customized labor solution to save you money.

Next, learn about First Service Networks’ client-centric approach, where we sensitize our service center to act as a synchronized extension of your team.