Predictablility in your facilities spending

Managing your facilities maintenance and repair budget is one of the greater challenges of multi-site facilities maintenance. Trying to analyze spending patterns from thousands of transactions and hundreds of vendors—and forecast future trends from that information—can be daunting. You need a tool that aligns the costs for actionable comparisons.

Align your financial systems

Fusion’s BudgetTRACK™ takes into consideration the subtleties of your accounting practices to properly forecasts and accrue spending based on the most accurate information available. BudgetTRACK™ captures financial information about every repair, including service costs, materials pricing and scope of work as it progresses from field technicians. With BudgetTRACK™, your facilities team gains:

  • Detailed visibility into the transactions you’re spending time and money on
  • Understanding of budget drivers and real-time year-over-year variances
  • Invoice processing automation capabilities
  • Predictability in your facilities management spending

Make better decisions with BudgetTRACK™.